I wrote down my 2 work experience to help improve fresh graduates and employers. what do you think (Link is in description)?


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  • pretty good and u sound pretty xperienced... i agree about yer advice towards employers... but do u believe they'll hear u out?

    about #5 mostly... i'm afraid if someone gets a manager he'll start actin bossy in one way or another... sure not all, yet many of 'em i believe :(

    about this "When politics enter an organization good employees leave" wot do u mean though?

    • I Believe they should hear the advise because without paying any heed they will keep facing employee turn over.
      Yes since past decade the managers are appointed very young at age, only criteria kept in mind is their work performance, their interpersonal skills, leadership skills and their maturity isn't considered. This makes them bad managers.

      About your last point, Organizational politics is the worst thing that could happen to organization. It ruins the culture and increases employee turnover.
      There are employees who can't do politics, they only are concerned with their work, when they face people who are not good at work but win their promotions by politics the good employees switch. This was problem with my last company.

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    • Well for a start I was serving as Assistant Architect which is equivalent to Assistant manager but I used to feel that I fall short of experience and people handling.
      So yes people as young as us are in such posts.

    • whoa i feel like a brat now

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