Would you say being coddled, spoiled by your parents a lot growing up has a much worse effect on guys than it does on girls?

Even though I believe the affect on the individual will be the same regardless of gender, I feel guys are the ones that end up suffering more than girls do if they are not raised, disciplined, taught how to be independent, responsible by their parents a lot growing up, etc.

A good example is Elliot Rodger, he was spoiled, coddled by his parents, and he never got laid or got a girlfriend, his sister was probably spoiled, coddled a lot by the parents to, but yet it didn't stop her from getting a boyfriend, getting laid.

You see the point I'm making here? Overall, its basically life's, reality's, societies gender expectations of each gender and what each gender is gonna either be attracted to in the opposite sex or gonna be lenient on before strongly considering someone a potential boyfriend/girlfriend.

I thought I would get more answers to this question, but I honestly feel guys and girls have to be raised different ways by their parents growing up, maybe it's more difficult to raise sons than it is to raise daughters
Because if a person has a sense of entitlement about anything in life, it looks much worse in men than it is for women
Look how Elliot Rodger ended up, but his sister didn't


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  • i'm going to get a lot of flak for this, but it's because of how the world sees the man and the woman

    Old beliefs still stick, and the man is still considered the solid independent provider who's supposed to stand on his own legs. Thus if he can't handle life he get the answer "tough luck" then is ignored.
    Women is still seen as the weaker sex, and while it's chnaging they're still pampered for by society, and is MUCH more likely to be helped if they're struggling.

    Also, men are still taught by society how they're supposed to treat women nicely and always do this and that, and women is taught how men should act towards them by treating them nicely and do this and that, yet women are never really taught to treat the man th same way.

    I KNOW it's an unpopular opinion, but i suspet it's the truth. Sexism is still very much visible, and it's not only affecting the women (as some want you to think).

    • Couldn't agree with you more

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  • Whether your parents prepare you for the real world or not - when you become an adult and have adult responsibilities - you grow up as a result. This is why the teenage girls are usually very feminine, quiet, shy, insecure, passive while the older woman are all bold, confident, somewhat aggressive and hard working.

    • Still, men and women have different expectations in life and if we don't abide by them, we won't get any pleasure out of life

  • I think wen being raise regularly invokes more coddling for boys than it does girls.
    But I don't know. I think with boys you especially have to push them. Often growing up I wanted to be like my mom so I had er tech me adult things like how to clean, how to cook, etc. boys usually don't ask to be taught those things and you have to force them to or else they wot know how to take care of themselves.

  • Interesting... never really though about it since I'm not an only child


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  • very much absolutely unfortuneately

    • Yes it's a part of reality that I strongly dislike