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Live with no thumbs or no big toes?

*remember big toes are a huge part of your balance.*


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  • No big toes.
    Me without thumbs -- can't hold eating utensil right, can't play video games, can't type well, can't go on phone easily, doors just got more awkward, handshakes just got very awkward, can't thumb wrestle, can't make stupid gang signs with hands, can't flip through a book, can't play drums/guitar anymore,
    ... and life now sucks

    Me without big toes -- Balance is a bit awkward but you can fix that. If you can walk only on your heels, you can walk without big toes. Especially with good shoes.


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  • no big toes, cuz u can always buy a artificial one

  • no they think that they were a big part of our balance in evolution not in a shoe it really does not matter.

    • That is incorrect.

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    • I would but being right on the internet does not matter enough for me to take the time to

    • Eh, you're wrong but its fine. You can keep your self-given victory.

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