Did I take it to far?

I think I took it to far I don't know because I said all guys were immature and girls weren't so not all guys are immature some are some aren't girls can be immature but it is scientifically proven that girl mature faster than boys but even though that happens girls can be immature but guys to and that taught me a lesson before I judge someone I have to make sure I'm perfect and I'm not nobody is


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  • Actually, you did not take it too far, because you are not generalizing, assuming that everyone in a specific group is the same physically or personally, because even though they share the main characteristics that are obvious to put them in that specific group, their personalities and hobbies are very different due to differences in genetics each person has due to each having different parents and the enviroment each person lives in throughout their upbringing. So basically, its up to the individual.

  • That was one big fucking sentence.