Ashame of my body, help pls?

I have butt acne, and u have a boyfriend u know, im using bezoyl peroxide, but i dont know when it will get better. and when i sleep over i can't apply benzoyl i put a lotion with color in my butt to hide the acne, it works, but im hate doing that, i just wanna chill out. And there quite a lot of more things i hate about my body but thats the thing that bothers me more, it really fucking upsets me, most girls dont have this shit, will u always have it? I mean fuck!!!


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  • I don't have butt acne but I do have face, arms, chest, and sometimes back acne. I tried bezoyl peroxide but it did nothing but bleach my towels/clothes. What is the name of the lotion you use? I understand that you feel like you're in the minority and I completely get it when i go out and see that everyone has clear skin but me.


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