Am I a psychopath?

well i feel like some of the common "signs" of a psychopath are me... I don't know

am i a psycho?
how do i know and what are the exact psymtomps?

p. s: a psychologist is out of the question right


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  • No one who is would ask this question

    • i heard about that before
      that people with mental illnesses don't know they have mental illnesses

      some say it's not true though... I don't know

      i really hope i'm not

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    • and some more stuff that i can't tell...

    • "that people with mental illnesses don't know they have mental illnesses"
      That's usually untrue, but a psychopath would be more inclined to consider his or her behavior to be perfectly normal.

  • you probably aren't. i had that feeling too when my first girlfriend left me, it was a hard time for me, you probably got your own hard time too


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  • You probably are just going through something that causes you to have similar emotions. It happens all the time. I don't think you are.

  • You can't spell 'symptoms'. It is believed that psychopaths have above average intelligence; I think your spelling skills (or lack thereof) alone are a clear indicative that your intelligence is nowhere near above average, thus making it clear that you're not a psychopath.

    • you on the other hand... WOW ! you seem so smart
      i mean how many people assume others have low IQ just because there was a typo... wow