Is Spanish a useful language to learn?

is it useful when it comes to jobs and the future.. etc?

i have to choose REALLY carefully because i can't afford more than one course at the time being

i dont live in the us

im middle eastern


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  • Very helpful indeed


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  • Lots of languages are easy to learn and you can do it by yourself with Google Translate. For instance, I just translated the following 4 simple sentences:
    The boy is tall.
    The girl is tall.
    The boy is short.
    The girl is short.
    In Spanish, these are:
    El niño es alto.
    La chica es alto.
    El niño es corto.
    La chica es corto.

    So, I learned:
    1. Spanish is a language which uses sex-specific "the". "El" for male and "La" for female.
    2. "niño" is "boy".
    3. "chica" is "girl".
    4. "es" is "is" and that does not vary with sex.
    5. "alto" is "tall" and that does not vary with sex.
    6. "corto" is "short" and that does not vary with sex.

    Notice what I did. I created simple sentences and, by translating each simple change in the sentence, I see what is effected and what is not and subsequently learn from that.

    Now, not all languages work that way or easily for that matter. Google Translate isn't perfect either because sometimes a simple sentence with pronouns aren't good enough to properly translate without additional sentence to provide context. Still, this method of learning -"pertubation learning", I call it - can take you far in life.

    If you live in the USA, Spanish is a good foreign language to learn; you may need it, but, as a Romance language, you can learn other Romance languages (French, Italian, Portugeuse, Latin) rather quickly.

    • i understand and i dont need to learn it quickly nor do i live in the us

      i need it for the future for a job

      some languages REALLY help you land a job i was wondering if this was one

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    • reaaaaaaallly?
      omg that was the second option... it's just really hard to learn :(

      ugghh I don't know what to do

    • Well, we have no idea where (in what country) you live and/or what you want to do with your life. We need to know that to give you the best answer. For instance, if you lived in Iraq and spoke Arabic and English, it might be good for you to learn Farsi or Turkish. If you are going to be doing international business with Chinese, then learn Mandarin. If you are going to work for Airbus or be involved in multinational European affairs, learn French and/or German.

  • It really is if you live in N. America, since there's lots of immigration. If you're in Europe I wouldn't say it's too important to learn it, but it's nice to know another language, it gives you a plus during a job interview, since it shows that you know more than others, and that you took time and commitment to learn a new language.
    It's always gonna be useful, and if you live in N. America, I would say it's almost necessary.

  • It depends on where you live. In a country like mine it'd be pretty useless bc hardly anyone speaks Spanish

  • Seeing as it's the language of the fastest growing people in the U. S., I'd say yes.


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  • Not really. Spanish people don't run anything in the business world and the ABC powers are a thing of the past.

  • Yes because there are so many Hispanics especially in the USA. I took Spanish for 6 years and I still don't know it. This time I'm taking french it's easier.

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