Is gender roles apart of feminism?

I don't know much about feminism so just something I've been wondering. So for example, if a man and woman went out on a date and they both wanted to do the traditional 'man pays for the date' thing, does that go against feminism?


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  • Not necessarily. Feminism isn't one over the other, it's both being equal. If both partners agree on the man paying for the date, it's feminist! They can agree for a woman to pay or to pay half. As long as they agree, it's feminist. If one partner expects the other to pay all the time, that's not feminist. That's taking advantage of your partner.


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  • There's feminism and then there's little "subsections" of feminism. One is what feminists are actually concerned about which include things like the gender wage "gap" and such. There are little nuances, though, that a lot of feminists (I wouldn't really call them feminists, exactly) want to make "fair." They're more like gender roles that they want to be eliminated. For instance, making it normal for the woman to pay for the man on a date. Feminists (again, I wouldn't really call them feminists, exactly, but they'll call themselves by that name) want it to be normal to do either. It's not so much that the guy paying for it is wrong so much as the girl paying for it shouldn't be frowned upon by society. Honestly, I don't like it. I think guys paying for girls on a date is actually important for guys because it's teaching them a lesson in being a gentleman. Guys NEED those opportunities. But, of course, feminists won't see it that way.
    All that to say, no, you're not going against feminism.

    • People who believe that both man and woman (and anyone who identifies as either) should be equal and do not support one holding social or lawful 'weight' over the other are usually called Equalists. Egalitarianism is their belief. Feminists specifically rally for women's rights, at least according to the classical definition.

    • Yes, but Feminists claim to be the proponents of this movement. The problem is that they're not really interested in equality. It's about tearing men down and building women on top of them. Equality should be building them both up.
      Precisely. However, like I said, feminists claim it's "their idea" and part of "their agenda."

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  • If both partners agree to it I don't think it goes against feminism to my mind it would be offensive to feminism if she wanted to pay some or all and wasn't allowed.