Which of these tv biopics was more of a shock and disappointment?

Lifetime effin up ish as usual... can't wait for the Full House Story...

Which of these tv biopics was more of a shock and disappointment?

Ole girl didn't look nothing like Aaliyah and she couldnt sing. Bet RKelly went and hid back in the closet during this time.

TLC used some serious "scrubs" for this movie. They didn't look like Chilli, Tboz, or Left Eye.

Brittany Murphy looked drugged as usual.
They had Ana Nicole on some #hoeshit

Whitney Houston started Bobby on drugs? Wow. This showed more Bobby than Whitney. At least the girl resembled Whitney a bit.

Marilyn Monroe wasn't a hoe... Just looney (Right)

Saved By The Bell Story shouldve been called All About Dustin Diamond or whatever his name

  • The Brittany Murphy Story
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  • Crazy Sexy Cool: The TLC Story (VH1)
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  • Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B
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  • The Whitney Houston Story
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  • The Anna Nicole Story
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  • The Marilyn Monroe Story
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  • The Saved By The Bell Story
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  • That Aaliyah movie had to be the worst. It was to terrible it was funny. The acting was bad and so was the casting.

    • The guy cast as Rkelly! Hilarious...

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