Does BFA in Acting has a lot of home work? How is it like?

I am getting enroll in a BFA in Acting, I am wondering what is it like? Is it a lot of work? ( I am not afriad) How do they test us in end of a semister? I am very curious... Thanks


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  • You'll probably have a lot of reading and memorizing. You'll probably have to study different acting styles and write on those. You'll have to be able to perform monologues and have a required amount of involvement in productions. Depending on your school, you may also have to take a tech or design class. You'll take a movement class focusing on movement onstage and you may take dance classes or singing lessons if you want to do musicals as well.

    • How do they test us in the end of each semester?

    • It might be a written test over terms you've learned and other things out of a book. Especially if you have to take a theatre history class. If it's a specifically acting based class you may have to present a monologue or a short play with a group.

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