Do you get annoyed when doctors don't believe you?

I friggin do. I had to piss in a cup this morning so they could do a pregnancy test, when all I wanted was my birth control. Even after I told them I'm not sexually active. Like, super duper not. Like, hello my name is Jamie and I'm a virgin why are you doing this to me? not. This is the third time I've gone in so they could give me my BC and this is the first time they ever made me do this.

I must have surpassed some "there's no way she's still a virgin at this age" marker at some point I guess.

And surprise, surprise - it came back negative. Who knew? Me. I knew.


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  • Doctors? what's a doctor lol ( kidding )

    I really don't know hmmm I haven't seen a doctor for really anything since I was like 10 lol. And all of mine have been pretty decent and understanding folks, guess I've just been lucky in that area, the very, very, very few times I ever go.

    As for the virgin thing, I don't really find it that hard to believe, well at least were I am I can't speak for wherever you live -shrugs- maybe it was the tattoo that gave them the idea that you weren't I can't really tell though is it on your thigh or your leg lol?

    • It's my thigh and I was wearing pants lol

    • hmm well that wasn't it then, probably just made the mistake of assuming you were part of the majority of people our age then -shrugs- it happens.

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  • Be careful, @linkywinky, just Another way for the Quack to Get and Grab More Moola from you and will find any Pissy way Any Day of the week because... You are weak and have to be Strong and be your own straw boss and don't let them get away with it. I don't see where it is Mandatory every time to pee down the line with every visit.
    I do not see, unless it is that One time of the year here, dear, to just get a Normal Required check up to Renew this time in Getting More and Continuing your birth control pills.
    If it happening over and over, don't lay down and roll over, either switch doctors or tell this Doc you WILL do so if he makes you whiz and fume again, my friend.
    It's not a case of "There's no way she's still a virgin at this age," it's More like "She is the perfect candidate for me to take terrible advantage of her pockets and if she wants her pills bad enough, she Will... Bend.
    Good luck. xx


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  • My friend was applying for a job in BMW in Munich long time ago, a job you had to be fluent in german for which he wasn't - He worked out he was filling in a medical form and the box on right was no so ticked all the right hand boxes until last question 3 boxes (WTF) so he ticked the right hand box - Went to the doctor - The doctor read the form and said "So you think there could be a chance you might be pregnant" - Doctor just laughed and let him through.

  • They were probably just trying to squeeze more money out of your visit. :(

    Next time, assuming similar circumstances, I'd just decline.

    • If I'm not mistaken because of my insurance and it being woman issues, it was all free. They didn't even ask me for a co-pay. But I don't know.

    • It's free to you, but the doc still gets paid.

    • Yeah, it seems like not a huge deal because it comes directly from your HCP's pocket, but inevitably you're the one that really pays for it.

      Not trying to be a buzz kill or anything. LOL You're just lucky to be insured, quite frankly. Take advantage of it as much as humanly possible!

  • well im a guy so its not that they don't believe me, they just don't care as much :/

  • It's cause you be showing your bewbs.

    • but I mean.. a girl should be allowed to wear a tank top in summer without people assuming she's pregnant.

    • People will always assume!

  • Their just! trying to squeeze extra money out of your insurance. Have you checked with your current insurance provider to see if it's a recent requirement for the to pay for birth control.

  • I've been seeing my doctors for over 15 years each, so they believe what I say now. I've had a couple who wouldn't listen to me in the past. They didn't remain my doctors very long.

  • Fuckem all... oh wait, then you'd no longer be a virgin. Never mind, just ignore them.

  • lol. I remember being in middle school and the doctor had to check my junk just to see if I had some kind bullshit. I don't even know what it was. I can check my own balls. That shit was stupid and gay. Yeah most people by 23 aren't virgins anymore. Heck most people by age 20 aren't.


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  • They have to give one, because it can impact the baby if you are. Plus do you know how many people lie about their sexual activity to their doctors. It's simply to avoid liability, and required, not about you.

    • Did you read the whole thing? They've NEVER made me do it before, hence why I was annoyed.

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    • Oh well yes they will as well. It's a medical formality that is generally required. Once again if they dispense hormones to someone that they simply take their word and kid comes out jacked up they can be sued. I wouldn't take the chance.

    • I actually just last week went to my doctor and asked for her to refill my birth control (I take it because of acne). She knows that I am a virgin because I made it clear that I have never even had a boyfriend, let alone had anything romantic in my life. She didn't even question me, she just refilled it. Sounds like your doctor was being a dick Jamie.

  • Daaaannng that's fucked up.

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