Airsoft vs Paintball?

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Airsoft vs Paintball?

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  • I never went paintballing but I don't really like the idea of getting paint all over my shit lol. plus its more expensive to maintain the sport of paintballing, the CO2 canisters and all, I always did enjoy airsoft. plus it was much more realistic with airsoft, only in terms of how the weapons look.

    • Yeah that's true but the airsoft gun itself is quite expensive... In paint-balling, at least there are paintball clubs where they can provide you with the gun.

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    • LOL You could buy a real gun with that amount of money

    • hahaa right, i could buy like 3-4 handguns with that minigun.

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  • Used to do both and paintball is much more fun. Air soft is easy in a recreational do anywhere kind of way but paintball requires more tactics, better teams, it has further distance shooting and more accurate weapons. Plus the woods courses are lots of fun. And the paint isn't even bad, its water based and biodegradable. It smells weird and feels oily but it washes out and cleans up well. The only downside is the cost of CO2 (which isn't much) and the cost of paint (which is quite a bit but can be found for a decent price.) and there is a little bit of upkeep replacing retainers, and O ring seals on the guns but anyone with a tool set and the internet can figure it out. But ya I promise if you go paint balling a few times air soft will seem like a lot less fun.

    • Thanks for your great reply.. I actually have only done paintballing, and I agree what you have said about paintballing.. I haven't done airsoft myself and you give me a good idea how it differs..

    • Ya its fun cuz you can just do it in the back yard or whatever with very little prep. But it is no where near as fun as paintball. Even some of the best guns with high density BB's only shoot like 20-30 yards.

  • Only being paintballing it was fun