I have a crippling fear of driving?

I am 22 and I've never had a car or license. I have a full time job and I live by myself, but I have no car bc I am completely terrified by driving. I have a panic attack every time I get behind the wheel and I can't concentrate on driving bc I'm so fearful. This is becoming a problem bc women would never go out with a guy without a car and I have never had the guts to ask out a girl bc I know it will end in rejection when she finds out I don't drive


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  • Yikes :/ You gotta get over it, hon! I know driving can be freaky, but it's a major life skill. Given there's a natural disaster or your friends are too drive to drunk, you need to know how to get behind the wheel of a car with confidence and get where you need to go.

    If it's that serious to where you're having panic attacks, then you might want to consult a professional. I wouldn't recommend medication because that can sometimes alter the chemical balance in your brain and create other problems. But seeing a therapist and figuring out the real issue so you can fix it would be very beneficial.

    • yep, agreed.

      Gotta put some effort in getting over this fear.

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    • YeAh... I guess I have to if I don't want to be single and a virgin for the rest of my life. I'm terrible at driving through, awful

    • It's not even about virginity or women: driving is a LIFE SKILL. It's so important to know how to get behind the wheel of a car. You never know what could happen where you'll need to :\

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  • I never drove and if you live in a urban area women will understand why you don't use a car.

    • I live in an urban area, but our public transportation sucks and it's still in the southern US so women here aren't exactly understanding

    • Thats a pity

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  • Fears exist to make us a better person if we handle them , once you start driving your fear will go away , did u have a tragic car accident when u were a kid or smth? Just know that if smth is supposed to happen it will eventually happen , if ur destiny is to have a car accident it will happen to u cuz its ur destiny , what i try to say is have no fear of cars and traffic have trust in God he will protect you :) i hope i explaned well lol


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  • If it's really crippling, and negatively impacting your life, you should seek professional therapy, not advice from a bunch of fuckwits on the internet.