Now that new horizon space probe is finally reached Pluto, do you think Pluto will become a planet again?

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  • A spacecraft reaching a celestial body won't make it a planet.


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  • Pluto isn't a planet?

    • Nah, Its a...''Dwarf Planet'' xD

      On the outside of the solar system, There is an absolutely incomprehensible mass or rocks called the ''Kuiper Belt'', (Which Pluto is in), And, Most of the rocks in this Kuiper belt are the same size as pluto, a lot of them are even bigger, And quite simply, It was decided Pluto should no longer be called a ''Planet'' as all the other thousands of them would have to be aswel.
      And quite simply, The main reason they did this was, It would be A) Be a pain the ass to individualy name thousands of new planets, B) It would be impossible to teach school kids the names of them all, I mean, Learning the 8 we already have is hard for students, But imagine learning 5000 planet names in school? It just wouldn't happen xD.

      So all the little ones in the Kuiper belt are now called 'Dwarf Planets' and have names that are just big long complicated numbers and letters xD

What Guys Said 1

  • Nope... it won't make the cut.