Why did I even date him?

I admit... I was boy crazy when I first turned 14... Im not as much anymore. During that time I dated aguy, I thought he was really nice. When I got older I started regretting it...
He got really preppy, didn't give as much as I did, was kind of bossy, pushy and things. I told him a lot of things abiht my life. I dont think it even mattered. I feel kind of moronic and used...
I checked my fb today today out of curiosity and I saw half naked women. I dont like those kind of things
I xont think antone should be looking at it, let alone teenagers. I feel really insecure and dumb now. I shouldn't have went on fb to see him. I didn't message him, im stillbsad though.


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  • Well, she was short lived. Sounded like a troll anyway


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  • I used to feel like that.


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  • You dated him because you were 14 with raging hormones and don't know how to have a relationship yet, I'm guessing.