What do you think of this road rage video between an old man and a couple (on a motorcycle) in Yuma, AZ?

I thought it was pretty fucking hilarious to see how the old guy was pissed and still tried to continue on to assault the young biker guy and his girlfriend even after the young biker guy already had him pinned down to the ground restraining him. I give the young guy kudos for keeping his cool about the old man trying to assault him.

  • I think this shit is funny. Kudos to the young guy keeping his cool.
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  • The Young Biker guy should have beat the crap out of the old man for punching him and then shoving his girlfriend.
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  • I think the Young Motorcycle Rider was in the wrong for splitting lanes on the old man (before the fight started).
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  • I saw that video already. If the guy beat the shit out of the old man (which he could have since the old man punched him first, he could have been arrested. Better result is the old man is arrested for assault. Also there was a witness so that old man should get what's coming to him.


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  • yeah i would've done the same shit, just subdue them if i can, no need to throw punches just because he hit me first. i have 2 cameras on my helmet, 1 GoPro for the front, 1 Contour for the rear. im always covering my ass incase of a lawsuit.

  • I watched that video a few days ago, it kinda made me a little angry actually, but a little funny still.

    I do respect the biker for keeping calm because I probably would have kicked that ogre-looking motherfucker's arse if he did that to me.

    • Yeah. I have a pretty short temper myself and hate it when any random asshat lays their hands on me or my loved ones. I have a lot of respect for the young man being level-headed about the situation. He's showed to be the better person that I would have been if I were in the relationship.