Need advice for group interview! HELP!!! (Nordstrom Rack)?

I posted the question already but got only one response! I NEED THIS
Well, I applied a few days ago and just got an email about a group interview. I'm not intimidated because I am pretty talkative. However, I have no work experience except from being a construction worker. I will definitely dress nice as well as be nice. Have you ever been part of a group interview? What was it like? Did you get job? If not, what did the others do to set themselves apart? If you did, what did you do to set yourself apart? Whats the atmosphere like? Do they ask one question and throw it to the dogs (make us compete/fight it out)? I am a bit nervous because its a group interview and I am afraid that others will try to top my personality which is fine but I don't know what to prepare for?
I think I can top it with spilling the beans about being trilingual and that I have volunteered at places as well as an active member for a college program. Any advice would be great? Please I want to see like 30 answers because I want to have a bit of everything to pull from.
Also, if I do get the job, what would they expect after the interview? How are my hours set? I do have school in the fall.

Again thanks to those do answer with the intention of helping


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  • Wait. So it's many interviewees and one interviewer?

    Or many interviewers are interviewing you?

    • Wow this actually made me think... and kind of get more nervous LOL I have no clue! What if I get there and they have like a whole counsel there to interview just me? Oh well. I'm more convinced it will be many interviewees and one interviewer. Any advice?

    • Then you're lucky! Usually group interviews happen where you are interviewed by many people. I've rarely heard of it the other way. But if it was, then there's definitely less pressure. Don't worry about what everyone else is going to say. Just be prepared to answer questions about yourself and take your time. Don't rush through your answers. Most likely they will ask a question and ask everyone down the line. It might actually be best to volunteer to answer best so that they know you're a go getter.

      Good luck!

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  • i have been part of group interviews ( the recruiter end) a fair few times, this will be part or should be alongside an individual interview, sometimes the first stage. This is all about interaction, how you work within a team and suggest ideas. 'Topping' someone is however not a good idea, it shows dominance, lack of giving someone an opportunity to speak, just be measured, talk rationally and clearly and give others a chance to speak. They may have a group exercise to show how you work as a team rather than as you put it 'fight it out'. Do research in company though, the group stage is more how you act within a group, the one to one is about solely you

    • I agree. I stated "topping", "Fight it out" because I assumed that it was a competition and they were looking for someone more fit for the position. I don't know what the interview will be like so please understand that I have only the idea from tv where the interviewer is out to get you. But your experience and input seems more realistic. I really like the thought of working together as I am pretty good with interacting. Should I approach a employee in another store to ask them about how to prepare? I feel like they would not like to share info because they might think I'm after their job. I am aware that the company has procedure and would prefer to keep it that way unless circumstances arise. Do you know anything they might ask?

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  • First and foremost, you need to be yourself. Interviews are always stressful, but if you chill out and take a deep breath, the interview questions shouldn't be a problem. And don't worry about the other people getting interviewed... just show them how awesome and valuable you would be to their company. Good luck with the job... I'm rooting for you! :)

    • Should I drink some vodka to calm my nerves? lol jk I'm only 19 and I'll be driving to the interview alone early in the morning so that would be a wreck waiting to happen. I would definitely be a great addition to their company and feel confident because it is a new store opening that I would be hired even if it were in another position. Do you have any experience in a job like nordstrom? Thanks for your input!

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