No sir, You Go First. Riddle 14 Lvl Medium?

Four members of a band are walking to a night concert. They decide to take a shortcut, but must cross a bridge. Luckily they have one flashlight. Because of the varying size of their instruments, it takes each member a different amount of time to cross the bridge - it takes the first person one minute, the second person two minutes, the third person five minutes and the fourth person ten minutes. They must cross the bridge in pairs, traveling at the slower speed so if the one minute person went with the ten minute person, it would take a total of ten minutes. Since there is only one flashlight, one person must come back across the bridge, then another pair can cross. They only have 17 minutes to cross the bridge and still get to the concert on time. What order should they cross to get everyone across and get to the concert?


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  • 1st person goes with 4th person= 10 minutes elapsed
    1st person returns=11 minutes elapsed
    1st person goes with 3d person= 14 minutes elapsed
    1st person comes back= 15 minutes elapsed
    1st person goes with 2nd person= 17 minutes elapsed

    Easy. It's about the return time, not the crossing time.


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  • Does the time count while one of them is crossing back over?