I'm not gay but I feelings for a girl?

Im not sure whats going on with my head..
I like guys , im not into any other girls its this one friend of mine in particular.. she's just so beautiful & amazing to me.. i mean technically I've met more attractive girls but they just dont seem the same.. mind you my friend is crazy like oh god... she acts fucking embarrassingly insane sometimes but i feel something for her... not in some "lets get drunk and makeout for guys" type of way.. but like in a i would give her the world & do anything for her type of way... & i find this very confusing because i couldnt give two shits about other girls... im strictly dickly with well... one exception. .
Help me... am i a fucking weirdo?


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  • you're not a weirdo at all!!! you are bi though. It's ok, I am too and more women than you may think are as well, don't be ashamed, but embrace it. You'll feel much better about yourself, trust me. I started out the same exact way as you did, just had feelings for one girl and no one else, and thought I was straight for sure, but then she opened me up and I realized the feelings i had been hiding inside all this time, not just for her but for women in general. Sometimes it takes that one person to make you realize who you really are. It's a very special bond!

    Sounds like you are in love with her. How do you think she feels about you? maybe you should let her know your feelings... you may love the response you get from her and see where it takes the both of you!


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  • Don't think of people by sex and gender. If you love a person, you love a person. It doesn't matter if they have a penis or a vagina. But does she turn you on? The stuff you mentioned just makes it seem like you're really good friends and you love her as a companion.

  • Sexual orientations can be really confusing. They you're starting to discover you're into girls. Maybe you're 97% attracted to guys and 3% to girls but never noticed. Maybe you're just confusing your friendship with her with something else.

    Whatever it is, don't over think it. There's no point on stressing about who you're attracted to. The only thing you'll get is a migraine. Just live yoru life, do whatever it takes for you to be happy and eventually things will become clear. Go with it! do you have any idea of how she feels about you?

  • Maybe you are bi? I know I felt that way for one of my friends. Before that happened I never questioned my orientation because I liked boys. You grown and learn new things about yourself... I am still uncertain about my status up to this day, and it's been years since that incident. You will be fine.