Are most Latina mothers (Native-Born and raised in a Latin American country) like this toward their son youngest and/or only sons?

I'm an 18 year old Mexican-American male and I have a Mexican (Native-Born immigrant of course) that still does treats me like an innocent little boy even when I told her I'm old enough now to do certain things on my own and think for myself (but I do tell her that appreciate what she's doing for me). For instance, my mom still lends me money (for food and gas even when I just have a job but pay partly for my college), makes breakfast for me a couple of times, keeps a hold of my medical records and follows me to my doctor's appointments (when she doesn't have to, lol).

I'm no mama's boy, my mom just so happens to be like this towards me (but not to my older sisters for some reason). I never ask or eve expect her to do any of these for me but she just does it. I guess it's because not only that I'm her youngest child but also because I'm the only boy child of hers and that's how she was just raised I guess. I don't know if it's a Native-Born Latina thing or just with most foreigner mothers.

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their *youngest and/or only son*


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  • Haha umm my mom was born and raised here she treats my brother like a king. It's just she knows she needs to take care of him till the right person comes into his life to take care of him, she's gonna feel responsible for you forever. It's kind of how they were raised. My brothers the youngest and only boy he gets away with everything. We are Mexican American too. My dad treats him differently from us girls too because he's a boy. My dad was born and raised in Mexico though.

    • How exactly does your father treat your brothers? Does he treat them like how most fathers of any race/ethnicity would treat them or does he tend to careless for your brothers?

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    • Well, at least your parent are still helping your brothers out finanically and not let them struggle like some parents do to their sons.

    • Yeah my dad cut us girls off by high school AP books weren't something he wanted to afford my brother got lucky because my sister and me had to work to get the books all he had to do was use them. Parents are weird

  • I'm latin and yes, sadly all latin mothers are like this. It's very annoying. but yeah they can't accept we are old enough to make our decisions. I've had had many fights with my mother because of it. And sometimes I'm not even asking for permission (just informing, because she worries a lot) and she assumes I'm asking for permission.


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