How do I become happy with my life?

I have been having a heavy couple of years, depression mainly. I just turned 26 and I look back on my life like I haven't done anything worth doing especially for me and the things I always thought would make me happy. I want to do so much and yet I haven't done anything, I feel like life is against me progressing toward happyness I need to know how to beat it before it beats me even more into the ground. I have always wanted to act, create stories, be in movies, create an anime that I have had the idea for since th 9tth grade. Travel the world, mainly to places that I have always wanted to visit. I have always loved music and most recently within the past five years or so I wanted to start a girl group that could take over the world, dancing and singing and just all around badassness. So much has been working against me I lived in america the land of those opportunitys and had to move back to my home country (land of 0 opportunity for anything) after i didn't have money to finish grad school (yes I do infact have a degree and yes I have been unemployed ever since yay). No job equals no money to up and move to where I need to be. I also feel like im getting to old for the girl group thing, been having a bitch of a time finding like minded women who want to join and do something amazing possibly. I litterally have nothing, no money, no boyfriend, no close friends, no support, and no opportunities. I feel like im to old and fat to keep waiting for these dreams to be reality. I don't know how to find happiness. Im the kind of person where if I don't get what i want I'm miserable, but the facts are I can't even find a happy medium... Can anyone help me with this?


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  • That stinks to have no opportunity or real support system behind you. You can keep all of those things as long term goals. I would recommend making more short terms goals and focusing on achieving those so you do not feel as though you are accomplishing nothing and going nowhere. Also you may not have the money to do international travel yet, but maybe set up some trips to places that are closer or you would have never thought to go. Some of those goals you have should be worked at over time and cannot be done over night. So I would recommend setting goals in the short term that help you accomplish your long term goals of traveling the world , creating anime, or whatever else you decide

    • Thanks will keep these in mind =)

    • Thanks for MHO even though I am the only one who answered 😂 I hope you do and I also wish you the best in your dreams and accomplishments! I am usually around GaG so if you ever need anything feel free to message me 😋

    • thanks again, and will do! =)

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