My DSLR is spoilt or it's the memory card?

there are no pictures in my DSLR right now, there is a memory card of 4gb and they are like there is no memory I can just click 2-3 no more. So it's the DSLR or the memory card?

Can someone please answer why is it showing full memory when there is nothing on the DSLR or the memory card?


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  • Slow down on the selfies.


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  • You may need to have a look at the SD card. Try putting it in a computer/laptop and transfer everything from that to a computer file on the computer/laptop, erase everything on that SD card and pop it back in the DSLR. If that doesn't work then there is something wrong with you DSLR. Make sure your DSLR saves all photos to the SD card aswell.


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  • Try connecting the camera or the memory card to a computer and see?
    Most probably its the memory card...


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