Feeling lonely. Any help?

What are you guys up to? Every time I feel bored or lonely j get to gag as it keeps me a bit alright answering questions etc etc... what do you guys think?
My crush is also not replying and taking time to reply... I had a tiny tiny nano micro argument, and she is been ignoring me ever since...
Am I the only person who is having a shitty day/week or anyone else?


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  • Try talking to other people, the more you try talking to other people the easier it will be to be patient about her not replying and forgetting about it. My week wasn't great either to be honest, I'm sure if you feel to lonely there is plently of people of people to have a chat every now and again :)

    • yeah... I am just trying keep my self busy and give her some time :)
      Ohh.. I hope you're next week will be better :)
      Yep... hehe thanks πŸ‘
      Good luck πŸ‘

    • Don't be to disappointed if it doesn't work out with her there's more fish in the sea and hope your week is better next week in fact I hope tomorrow gets better for you. :) good luck

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  • maybe she's just playing hard to get now. she'll get over it. she'll eventually miss you so much that she can't resist texting or calling you :) just give her some time.

    • ahah you think so?
      we were sending stickers and tell this is me and this is you etc etc (weird I know πŸ˜‚) and I was in a bad mood (I get mood changes like the freaking weatherπŸ˜‚) and I just replied giving a angry tone... before midnight I was expecting a text from her and she sent me one with two kisses...😐

      I was like okay... and next morning (me, the big idiot, sent a stupid snapπŸ˜‚) that time onwards she is not talking to me as usual πŸ˜‚
      I think I scrwed up.. bahh I should give some time... let's see...

  • Try 7cups. com! It's a good website with trained listeners to help you sort through the rough week you are having.


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  • Nope I just started with this site, and it's a good feeling helping other people out with their problems. And so far it's been a good community, everyone seemes honest.

    • Woww... that's awesome man, welcome to gag :) yeah everyone needs help, who knows, even you might need someones help right :) πŸ‘

    • I used too use Yahoo Answers, but that site is full of trolls and little kids. The people are much more mature on this site for some reason. :)

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