Is a person considered "suicidal" if they have suicidal thoughts or do they have to attempt suicide before they are considered suicidal?

I ask this because it seems that most people I know of have thought about taking their own life before but was never serious, more of thinking about your own death kind of thing.


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  • i think having suicidal thoughts is different...
    having thoughts about killing people doesn't make you a murderer, not until you act on them.
    but thats a good question...


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  • It's only if you attempt too take your own life, you're considered suicidal. Just thinking about it once or twice doesn't make you suicidal. If you're that unhappy you need too think why.


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  • I've had thoughts about just killing every human on the planet does that make me a murderer? No, not until I act upon it. So it's the same with suicide. A lot of people do sometime wonder what it would be like to kill themselves, but most with never get past the thought stage.