Does anyone know what this dream can mean?

I'm in a long distance friendship with my best friend (I'm the one that moved away). I visited her at least twice already since we're only 2 states away. We use to talk so much like everyday, but recently I feel like we don't talk as much. I'm a little worried because she's like a sister and I don't want to lose her. So I had a dream that I traveled back to my hometown to visit her but when I did she told me she was moving away, and it would be hard to see eachother. In the dream I remember crying so much, but when I woke up I texted her and she told me she had a dream about me too.


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  • i don't know if it meant something, but even if it did, you're the only one who will get the sense of it, you see , dreams actually will catch a long term memorial activities of consciousness and subconsciousness. so one dream could involve many things that don't belong to this moved away event.

    scary version, i guess inside you , you wanna be her and you want her be the one who moved away and hurting the opposite, you wanna be the one who got hurt and ease the guilt.
    well it might not be accurate.

    but whatever the dream meant, it did changed you , it got you made the call and vent your feeling to each other. i don't know this chat on the phone would or would not fix your friendship, i hope it did


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  • With you both being Besties, I realize it is Hard now for you both try and Connect the way you used to. LDR of Any kind is One of the hardest to Have and to Uphold of Any and if Only One person is making the effort and is taking the time and the patience, Then... Recently I feel like we don't talk as much.
    You both are Now having dreams and they Do have meaning. It's like you are thinking of one another and Missing the way things Used to be and in Now you are finding yourselves Dreaming about one another in Some way and with This... It has Meaning.
    With you feeling like she is drifting away from you, you dreamed she was Moving away as well and that your LDR would be harder now and maybe the friendship could end.
    This could be telling You that you need to speak to her and tell her how you feel so you don't lose touch. You have made the Initiation to go see her and with it 'Only 2 states away,' it seems like a stone's throw compared to where I left a husband out in Egypt so long Ago with mostly memories Now... It seems.
    She Misses what you both used to share and I am sure she is afraid of Losing you as well. Open lines of convo Now in this LDR are the Most important factor you can have, and until you see one another again, Use Skype as another one of Your... Best friends.
    You both need to not only do a Pinkie swear but hold on, for '2 states away' is really not Much. However, a life long friendship weighs much More.
    Good luck. xx


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  • then i believe both u and her r afraid about losin each other... or there's a small chance it might be just a coincidence

  • The dream was just a manifestation of fears about losing touch with your friend.


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