Can anyone tell me anything about antidepressants?

I am so stressed. I am dealing with so much right now. I am having relationship issues. I am also dealing with my boyfriends disrespectful child. When we argue, it consumes me. It's all I think about. I too have a child and when me and my boyfriend argue, it consumes me so much that i can barely function and it's affecting my relationship with my child. My child isn't getting the attention he deserves and when he talks to me, I am often thinking of other things and it isn't fair to him. And because I am dealing with so much, I get headaches, aches and pains, and I get tired easily and feel very upset like I could cry all day. I am wondering if antidepressants are right for me. Most of the time... I am happy go lucky... I'm very friendly and outgoing. However i do feel more unhappy then happy. :( .. It's just when I get down... I get really down. I am only 28 years old. And I know there is so much more to life then this. But I cannot help it. Please help. :'(


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  • don't take them, they can be addictive and very dangerous... try natural methods to deal with depression like yoga, exercise and jogging. There are a lot of ways to naturally deal with stress.


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