What are some slang words you use in your country?

Okay I live in Ireland and over here we have some funny words and sayings that other countrys would laugh at. Now I want to learn others people slang words we can all learn from each other. Go into as much detail as you like.


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  • I'm from Texas so there is a decent amount of Southern talk and heavy accents xD
    1.) Y'all = you all
    2.) Y'all'll = you all will (usually more of spoken than written)
    3.) ain't = are not
    4.) saying something like "he could talk the [insert part of object] off a [insert object]." Example being "he could talk the legs off a chair"
    5.) Using lots of similes. That is more if you are trying to hard though. Not everyone uses similes like these...
    -- https://www.siskiyous.edu/class/engl12/texas.htm
    No. We don't all talk like that, and we don't all ride horses haha

    6.) It's not used much anymore, but my grandma always used to use "Come down and sit a spell" = sit down so we can talk for awhile
    7.) Howdy = Hello. Used especially by people that go to the university Texas A&M
    8.) Fixin' to = going to do something
    9.) not my first rodeo = been there, done that. Don't worry I got this.
    10.) coke = any sort of soft drink or soda. People like to use it as a blanket statement.
    11.) Hot as hades = it is pretty hot
    12.) Don't mess with Texas = represents how people have a lot of state pride here
    13.) lone star state = another name for Texas

    Not everyone uses these sayings but I imagine these are the most well known ones I can think of.


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  • Hungarian:
    Anyád picsája = Your mom's p*ssy (mom always tells me this :""") )
    Jóféle = Awesome (you can't understand how much swag someone has when says this 😂)
    Óvszer angyalka = Condome angel (I don't know if it's used, but hear this sometimes in school 😂)

    Pizda mă-tii = Your mom's pussy (this sh*t is universal :") )
    Du-te naiba = Go away
    Pula calului = Horse's d*ck
    Ciocoflendere = Kid (this word is like #lifeu 😂 )
    Futu-ți-aș pizda mă-tii = I would fuck your p*ssy (It's not used like this, but now I'm trying to give a translation 😂 )
    Cocalar = Douchebag


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  • In Switzerland, particularly youth language uses a lot of loan words. Some of them we also use sarcastically. For example if my mom tells me "So be at our place at 18.30 for dinner" (I don't live at home anymore), I would reply "Inshallah" which is Arabic and means "if Allah will allow it so". In Arabic countries this phrase is used in all kinds of circumstances, religious and non-religious. For example a weather guy would say "Tomorrow there will be rain, inshallah". We also say "Yallah!" a lot, which means "come on, let's go!". Sometimes I say "Tamam" to my friends which is Turkish for "okay!" or "I got it!". We also say "Loco", which is Spanish for idiot. I unfortunately don't know so many of those slang words because I don't use a lot of slang. Generally speaking, a lot of youth slang in Swiss are either loan words or Swissenized foreign words/phrases from languages such as Arabic, Turkish, Albanian, Jugoslavian etc.. The reason for this is that since the 90s, loooots of people from these places came to our country. So my generation basically grew up with these people and anyone in my generation has some Arabic or Albanian buddy. For my parents' generation, this was not the case, so they find it rather bewildering when we use slang words/phrases based on these languages. Sometimes the words/phrases also tell something about culture, which I find quite interesting. For example a lot of Swiss teenagers say "your mother!" if they condescend on somebody or if they make fun of something/somebody (both in a hostile and in a friendly, buddy-like way). The whole phrase originally used to be "I fuck your mother" but I guess people got lazy of saying that whole sentence, so they just say "your mother". The reason for this is because in Arabic or Balkan culture, this is pretty much the worst insult you could ever say to anyone. In Swiss culture, it's not an insult, it just sounds strange. That's why many parents find it a very weird thing to say. Apart from the foreign influences, we also have our own creations but I don't know so many of them. For example "rotten meat party" means "a gathering of parents or people who are above the age of 30". "Leek" (Swiss "Lauch") is used for idiot. "Pornflakes" means "Viagra". "Old man/guy" (from German "Alter") is used to greet a friend. "To be al dente" means to be ready to go/leave. "it snowed/pooped into one's brain" mean somebody is really stupid. And of course, there are many more that I can't possibly translate ;-).

  • I don't know where the fuck this started but I notice people now saying "I haven't had that in a minute" but when they say minute they're actually referring to a long time. like if they ate Chinese food on Monday and now its Friday and I say wanna get Chinese? and they are like "oh yeah! I haven't eaten Chinese in a minute!"

    so fucking retarded. fucking annoying as shit.

    • Lol, it would be annoying to hear that.

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    • noice!!! that is so awesome.

    • Hahah sound :)

  • Depends. We have regional dialect, too. Where I live in the Midwestern US, we refer to a drinking fountain as a bubbler. Soft drinks are called pop, less commonly soda.

  • I had great fun explaining origin of gobshite one day on here

    • Yes Irish people say that a lot, its basically our version of saying bullshit :P haha we say that word a lot

  • Irish slang or Gaelic slang?

    We don't have slang here, it's actually words borrowed from other languages.
    Arabic, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese etc.

    • Irish slang :P our slang we say in English except the word "craic" prounounced crack you would say " I had great craic " It means Fun in Irish

  • Show me yours, I'll show you mine lol

    • Haha well they are a lot I dunno where to start umm..
      Shift/Meet - Tongue kissing. Feek - good looking girl. Ride - good looking person or sex. Fridget - someone who has never shifted before. Class/Unreal - something really cool. Grand - Okay, fine, alright. Well - Hello /How are you. I could go on for a while lol chat me if you want more than that.

  • In Texas colloquialism we say fixing to, as in getting ready to. Many Southerners are cordial and say yes'sir, no'mam. I still hear last generation like my parents say supper (dinner). Many country folk say "dadgummit"=damn, "hold your horses"=stop everything, "bless your heart"=you're an idiot, but here's something's nice.

    • We use the word supper to :) and those sound great :)

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    • No we use it to, it usually means a late dinner or a meal we have after dinner :)

    • It sounds so silly. I hope this word dies in my lifetime. DEATH to supper!

  • Ireland is cool, my mate told me how to say hello on Irish: póg mo thóin
    I don't know why but whenever I say it to someone I get knocked out!

    • It translates to "Kiss My ass"

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    • What? Please excuse me while I kill someone!

    • Hahaha bate him xD (bate meaning hurting/hitting)

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  • We say pop instead of soda in the Midwest.
    When someone says something dumb we say "scrrrrt" like you make the noise.
    "Fire" or "flames" when something's good.
    Or when you get "flamed" which isn't good.
    Obviously "on fleek" and stuff like that.
    It's hard because I probably say it in conversation but can think of it on the spot.

  • Dipstick = a loser, idiot
    Good oil = good idea
    G'day = hello
    Maccas = McDonalds
    Barbie = Barbeque
    Heaps = a lot

  • In Ireland do you say "Daddy as fuck"? Lmao.

  • All I'm saying is don't say the word "fanny" in England...

    • Yeah I know what that mean we use it for the same thing as well

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    • We use the word dry for someone who won't have sex lol

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