Can anyone tell me what this really peculiar dream meant?

So here's how it went:
The images melted in my mind like oozed lava flowing out from a volcano. Soon, however, the images blurred and became vivid as if an eye were coming into focus. The next thing I knew, I was smelling air that was moist, frosted yet, at the same time sweltering. I happened to be in some strange room, vast, but desolated mostly. Only a wooden dining table, crippled from the sides sat motionlessly in the mid. A tear shaped bonfire kindled in the midst, painting the room in flickering light. The floorboards were for some reason wet, sagged as if an ocean had leaked through it. My eyes darted from right to left, sweeping the scene. I took one step--Yes, just one and that was when a glazed image came into existence. Moments later, I was gaping at a girl whose back was turned. Only her chestnut colored hair could be seen draping down her back and reaching her curvaceous waist. Startled, I took a step back. The girl twisted around, and her face. . . her face was the most harmonious and beautiful I'd seen. Her skin was bright white, spangling like ivory, her eyes large and dark, her dark red lips curved into a fine smile, her nose was perfectly well-proportioned abover her lips in a way that made her appear nearly angelic. All of a sudden, everything became vapid around me and the only thing stirring luminousity in the room was her. She shone like a beacon. We contemplated each other. The image soon faded, shattering into thousands of fragments. The next thing I knew, the dreams hunted my consciousness, trailing my inner-deep thoughts, and then. . . I was staring at the girl--face to face--an inch away.

Her velvet colored lips hoisted into a warm smile that graced her face. Then the words tore through her lips, "Will you marry me?"
A dumbstruck expression swept across my face. My heart hammered like a drum--from being an inch away from her--and from the sudden question. I nodded, startled a bit. At that mome

Fuck it didn't catch all my words. Dammit Well anyway, basically my dream ended and i woke up with a hectic expression,


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  • means ur gay, m9

    • I dreamt of a girl so how is that gay? You evoke turmoil.

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    • @Floyd790 Cannibalism isn't not normal, it's a regular part of some cultures, it's just that many cultures who consider themselves 'civilised' think that it's wrong but the fact is that cannibalism is just as natural as eating animal meat too.

    • @Floyd790 Thanks for defending me bro. Greatly appreciated.

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  • Maybe there's a girl in your life that seems to have changed it. Before the girl, everything was dreary, but after the girl, everything was shocking and she was the focus of your attention.

    I've had some pretty vivid dreams too.

    • I see, that's pretty interesting. I searched up what my dream meant. It said wealth. Shaking that thought off, days later, I somehow attained $60 without actually doing anything at all.

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