Do you think this girl is his girlfriend?

Orientation started and on the first day of my history class this guy I know came in and sat right next to this girl. Even though it was kind of a small class with like 20 people in it, he could've sat by his friends but he didn't. He sat next to that girl and I heard her ask him if he had a pen she could borrow. But yeah she didn't seem surprised he sat next to her. I think she's his girlfriend because if he had a girlfriend why would he sit next to THIS girl?

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  • No that's probably not his girlfriend but he probably has a girlfriend
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  • I wouldn't necessarily say it's his girlfriend... I mean it might be but clearly they know each other. It could've just been one of his friends/acquaintances from the previous year so he naturally gravitated toward a familiar face instead of sitting next to a complete stranger.

    • No they aren't friends

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    • I know who she hangs out with and who he hangs out with and they don't even have mutual friends lol

    • Well if you know so much about their social lives then how can you not know if they are dating? I think it's a lot easier to tell if people are dating than friends.

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  • Maybe she is, maybe she isn't. We can only guess.


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  • can't tell, might be friends. and even if he thinks she's cute its not like he's wearing a ring lol.

  • from my knowledge and what i saw by some guys it probably is the girlfriend

  • Maybe it is. Or she just didn't mind him.


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