Do you have a favorite cut of meat you like to eat?

like from any animal i never use to like steak but recently i have been really into steak especially rib eye its so dam good and i love to eat it rare

do you have a favorite cut of meat you like to eat?

  • i just like beef
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  • i just like chicken
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  • i just like pork
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  • another animal
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  • i am a vegetarian!
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  • Well, I'm half Greek and my favorite meat is (and will always be) lamb. Goat can also be awesome if prepared well. But lamb really beats them all. It's basically like beef but it's taste has this edge... it's so much richer than beef. A Greek person without his lamb is like a guitar without its strings ;-).
    I also like beef quite a bit once in a while. I can't really buy the expensive cuts though because I'm a student and meat tends to be very expensive in my country (Switzerland. Which I think is how it should be :-). Until about a year ago, I also used to eat a lot of pork but I've noticed that its taste is actually very boring (except for bacon :-)) and the less I eat of it, the less I desire it. I also love fish a lot but I think with that we'd be entering a whole new realm here :-).

    • i think i have only tired lamb chops one day i would like to eat some whole roasted lamb or goat i seen it done looks really good

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    • run around and play and sometimes, when we went back into that tent to check on our dad, one of the elderly men would get up, take his pocket knife, cut off some of the meat that was already good and give it to us as appetizer :-).

    • sounds like good memory's very descriptive definitely sounds very pleasant thanks for sharing that with me i hope one day to experience something like that

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  • If I'm eating meat, I typically go for chicken.

  • I guess chicken

  • I like medium rare steak.. :)


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  • Strip steaks are so damn good even the fat is amazing

  • Steak, always steak medium rare.

  • Beef and seafood are the best! :S as far as cuts or kinds I like rib eye steaks the best without a doubt. I had a good tri tip the other night though. And seafood fresh tuna filets are godly, cod, shrimp, scallops etc.

    • yea i had a tri tip just the other night for the first time was pretty good seafood is good 2 i agree

    • Both are even better now haha since I have been in college all I seem to eat is Chicken and occasionally hamburger or canned tuna :S I miss the good Washington seafood.

  • chicken breast.

    not a steak person, but do like ham...

    • yea i like chicken breast but much like steak if its not cooked right its like trying to swallow cardboard with no water

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