How to find someone you never really talked to?

Okay I met this girl at a snow shack I talked to her when I ordered and I was being stupid and was stairing in her eyes then I didn't know what was going on so i finally figured it out answered then she kept staining into my eyes then smiles I smiled back but I was so embarrassed I looked away but she saw I smiled and she kept trying to get my attention by like looking at me but I wasn't going to look cuz I was being a dick and to scared now I'm kicking myself cuz I want to know who she is I found out her first name from one of my friends but she didn't know her last


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  • no bro!!! no!!! wotever happened just forget it instead of keep lookn for her. u might ceep her out if she learns u r stalkin her... IF in case u bump into her again... then u'll see how u'll move. but for now just forget about searchin for her

    • Dude I know how stupid it sounds I missed my chance I know but I've done it so many times it just pisses me off cuz I do it quite often

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    • Yeah I'm always nervous when I'm talking to girls but I always miss my chance and it really pisses me off

    • well i guess u can tone down yer nervousness by some methods... like facin her just like she's a friend of urs...