Shapeshifting war!!! Be creative and create your own animal hybrid that will help you to win the fight?

Example: I'd Fight with the head of a GATOR, body of a GORILLA, courage of a LION, bite of a VIPER, speed of a CHEETAH, and claws of an EAGLE. Just call me... A Gotorchion Viagle. Lol sounds horrible, but just an example. Be creative 😉😅😜

Shapeshifting war!!! Be creative and create your own animal hybrid that will help you to win the fight?


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  • The head of a SHARK, the body, claws, and pounce of a RAPTOR, the wings of a DRAGON, and the quills of a PORCUPINE for protection. I shoot venom like that of a SPITTING COBRA, have the deadly sting of a JELLYFISH, and can camoflauge myself like a LIZARD!

    Call me a Shrapgonna Porco Jelliz (korny as hell lol)

    • Head of a shark means Killer Teeth and Possible Gills when underwater... Very smart.

      Raptor body and tendencies means that my gorilla half is about to struggle. Reminds me of King Kong vs those Trex.

      Dragon wings! Jeepers creepers much? Lol why didn't I think of wings.

      Quills that could shoot out at me? Mist stay far from you. Venom that will shoot at me? Must stay even further from you haha. You're tryna sting me too? Man I'm dead.

      And you camoflauge... Okay I'll just surrender already lol.

      I love the Porco Jelliz part of the name lol.

    • Hahaha yea! Thanks for MHO

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  • The head of a GRIZZLY, the legs of TARANTULA, the pounce of a KANGAROO, the roar of a LION, the wings of a BUZZARD! I'm basically a flying spider lol. Call me a Grizzleroo Buzztarlion 😆

    • Luckily my gator can eat your Grizzlys head! Maybe my Gorilla body can #DonkeyKongSmash your tarantulas body? Haha. The wings of your buzzard can't lift my gorilla bod lol. Nice hybrid thougj :) love the Grizzleroo part haha

  • I'll have a mystical animal with a power of a God 😊 probably can wipe the whole land with a blink of an eye

    • Describe it please?

    • Bro, it doesn't matter what it looks like. It can be big, it can be small, the point is what it can do. My animal has the power of a God so I win 😊 booyaa

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  • Why would I wanna be an animal I AM A ROCK ASS HUMAN 😎

    • Cause without a weapon, my hybrid as you beat in hand to hand combat

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    • That thing from Harry Potter?

    • Well it got other stories but yeah lol 😂

  • Would be ditto