Why is the "White" standard considered the highest?

This is by no means a racial attack but just a possible eye opener for a discussion.
But one thing that gives me the red ass is, why is it that in every Asian or east Asian or black family the standard is about what white people do.
Personally where I live, even though I grew up in a strict non-functioning family which is standard for most families regardless of race or culture. I find that most Asian families tend to be better off when it comes to family values and relationship. Even when our folks get old we look after them rather than leave them to rot in an old people's retirement home.
So why is it that when our kids grow up they such things without thinking like:
bleach their skin, trim or shave their body or facial hair, are embarrassed to wear traditional suits to functions, or when thinking about their girlfriend or boyfriend- they think of a white one. Even I'm guilty of this. Till I met my first girlfriend who was Asian. I was fantasizing about white girls, even though I've dated a few, I've come to realise that I'm not really that attracted to white women, but watching television I wouldn't of figured that out. It's just a preference, and nothing to do with them being submissive or whatever like the media wants you to believe.
Whenever an Asian girl says no to a white guy it's because she's opressed and if a white guy says no to the Asian girl then it's because she's not his type. It's all been changed to suit their needs.
I'm by no means racist and those that wanna play that cheap card can kiss my ass. I have my prejudices but I'm not a fool to turn a blind eye to what really happens at times.
I find black skin and brown women beautiful, nothing turns me off more than a coconut.


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  • This all roots back to ethnic people being suppressed from early on by Whites. It's engraded in many people's minds that White is better.
    Look how many years it took to get a black president.
    Look how many years it took to get black television.
    Look at the black women in the media how they lean closer to white on tv (lighter skin, European texture hair etc.)
    Look at the amount of bleaching products in Asia, Africa, India etc.
    This isn't something coming out of the wood works.
    Society is subconsciously being brain washed.
    Only those who refuse to be blinded can see the truth.
    Beauty lies according to your own standard not what society is painting for you.
    I find that those who tend to argue with me about this topic tend to be white (no offense) and blinded by what really exists.

    • Thank you. People can cleverly talk around it trying to justify it, but you can't have it both ways. It is what it is. Now say if there was some film where a white girl ran away from her family to go live with a Black/asian/native indian boy and there's an abnoxious sex scene where he's banging the shit outta her. White people would lose their minds or have to comment on how it's a breakthrough. I personally if I have a kid would like them to marry our own kind not because of race but culture and ethics. We respect everyone and look after our parents when they are sick and old and expect the same treatment from our kids. A retirement home is not a normal thing. It's a convenience to the kids.

    • No problem.
      I agree with what you said. But you kind of shocked me with you would like your kid to marry their own race.
      Is that because you are afraid of what society will think?

    • No i mentioned it in the same paragraph. It's not what I think other people will think.

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  • Because European culture dominates the world. It has steeped in at the most fundamental level to almost every other culture, though many do not admit it or indeed even realize it, so ubiquitous is western culture. Even the critics of Western Civilization from other cultures do so from a framework of Western moral and philosophical thought.


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  • it is not the ''highest'' no one is highest or lowest

    • Duh... But there are people that see it that way

  • When you are being exposed to a concept, life style or idea on a frequent basis you will internalize that notion. So if you grew up socializing with mostly white people and watched tv shows depicting white characters, it's only natural that your idea of what's normal is what you are being exposed to. And normal as it is used in statistics...
    Once you actually went out there and realized some of your values might be clashing with what you thought was normal, you understood that the media does influence us more than we want!

    • But do you agree that what's put on can be damaging to mindset of children from particular race or culture.
      For example I saw one show where the two white cops I think they were rolling there eyes at some indian guy who was bhangra dancing, or a chinese chef who appears so timid. Just watch some of these cheesy action films where a damsel in distress say who's japanese would tag along with the white cop and go against her own family.

    • I think everyone agrees that the media messes with everyone's mind if they don't have a very strong opinion.
      The best example is how media has tampered with our perception of beauty and body image. And the obsession with looking like a model, i. e. media's beauty standards, is specially rampant among teenagers who are in the processof forging their personalities and way of thinking...

    • Yep I have a little cousin that's so vain, it's crazy. She wanted to change her name to a western name and confessed to me that she like indian guys but when mentioning them around her black or white friend they would laugh at her. So now sh can only have white friends, and the most disturning thing I heard from her at such a young age was when she mentioned that she wanted more fat on her thighs or butt. I couldn't believe my eyes. Now you know why they say that but what shocks me that it's apparent at what should be a delicate age.

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  • I don't agree with some of the specifics of your question but to answer the broader question and I'm a white person so bear that in mind - it's because media as television shows and movies etc and even broadcasted sports was all focussed on white people for such a long time because it all originated from America and the United Kingdom which were predominately white cultures.

    All this media spread around the world because most of the world couldn't produce their own TV shows for a long time so white just became the norm in people's minds.
    You saw white movie stars, white sports stars, white models etc so the world's subconscious just associates things with white people.

    • Sure, but it's changing and you have to understand the damage it does to mindset of children especially when they televise programs with topics to do with sex or even films when Asians are stereotyped and made to look weird, weak or inferior. For example look at Korean women, they would never touch a korean man. Especially if Asian women are attractive they see it as a ticket to a better life till later they realise that it doesn't work out because of different cultural boundaries.

    • It is changing and I understand the psychology damage but it's inadvertent and was never intended.

  • because white people rule the rold.

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