Why is the ground zero mosque protested so deeply? (see details)?

I understand that 9/11 was carried out by muslim extremists. However, how does that make it offensive to build a mosque near there. The mosque represents the entirity of Islam, not the exteremists. I thought freedom of religon existed in USA.
Does this mean people will always attribute Islam to 9/11? even though extremists exist in all relgions? Thought process does not make sense to me...

What i mean is, Hypothetically, if the jihadists happened to be Christian (instead of muslim), and a church was built on ground zero, people would not have an objection. So why are people thinking the religion (Islam in this case, Christianity in my hypothetical case) caused the losses in 9/11, not the terrorists' twisted minds instead? A religion did not kill people, evil people killed people.


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  • First of all I don't think it's fair to compare christianity in the west to islam in the west. Islam kinda came out of nowhere through immigration the past 60 years or so. With Christianity we have a century long history, so of course it's not the same

    But back to the original question it's disrespectful, insensitive and frankly arrogant. What is wrong with people who even came up with that idea?
    Of course you're gonna say they weren't "real" muslims but well they were and they did what they did in the name of islam. So don't you think building a temple near that worships islam is a bit insensetive.
    Let's say some nutjob republican blows up a primarily black school, do you really think it'd be ok to hold their next national convention at the ruins of it?
    If it had been Christian we would NOT build a fucking chruch at the ruins of it. That's insane, no question about it, but somehow if it's islam we all have to be super tolerant and accepting. But that's BS

    And I think what a lot of people wonder in both cases is why? Why there? Out of all the places they could have done it, why do they insists it's there?
    For a lot of people it's pouring salt into the wound.

    • Iraq war was in the name of America and Islam came out of no where and we don't have a history? Really I think u r open minded than this

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    • And @Omar5881 no of course not, i never said that. Do I believe that your choice of religion makes it more likely for your worldview to collide with mine? Totally

    • Okie thanks for being respectful with me at the conversation 😊

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  • 9/11 made 2,996 victims, including the 19 hijackers.
    The Iraq wars :



    The US sanctions starved half a million children: https://www.unicef.org/newsline/99pr29.htm


    Here's the horrible graph:


    I'm not sure 'madman Saddam' killed as many as the people who removed him.
    Iraq has about as many inhabitants as Texas. Imagine a bunch of Arabs killing that many Texans.

    And after the war, our depleted uranium continued to maim and kill:


    • And Bush and Blair pretendced God said them to invade Iraq
      Did Bush claim God told him to invade Iraq? Yes, he did:
      George Bush: 'God told me to end the tyranny in Iraq': www.theguardian.com/world/2005/oct/07/iraq.usa

      Tony Blair believed God wanted him to go to war to fight evil: www.telegraph.co.uk/.../...-claims-his-mentor.html

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    • Where are you getting the 1,500,000 civilian deaths statistic. Is that a figure up to the present from the sanctions up unti this year with isis. The fact is that once it all blew over sadam would have got up to his old tricks again. Iraq would have ended up in civil war after sadans death anyway he wasn't going to live forever and he held the country together by using the same methods as his hero stalin.

    • @tomboy41
      " Iraq would have ended up in civil war after sadans death anyway he wasn't going to live forever"
      The arab spring started because it was detonated from the West by OTPOR-CANVAS. (look it up and look up who financed that)
      The civil war came because OUR war created utter chaos.
      "anyway he wasn't going to live forever" is not a valid reason to start a bloody war.
      This war was about OIL, not about Saddam

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  • I think that yes, people are always going to attribute Islam to 9/11. People aren't very tolerant, and they're scared of what they don't necessarily understand. It's easy for people to generalise and blame an entire group of people for the actions of a small number.

  • Because its very arrogant, uncaring and disrespectful. a lot of the objections would be coming from survivors and witnesses surley the muslim community would not try and bulldoze the issue through as its a sensitive subject for many newyorkers who lost friends and family. Time heals all wounds but if there are objections from enough new yorkers then muslims should let it go themselves.

    • yes but these "wounds" were not caused by Islam. they were caused by nutjobs. i would imagine that building a mosque is not glorifying terrorists. Don't get me wrong, i don't want to incite any tension, which clearly is the reason why it shouldn't be built there. but im just saying, does that mean people view Islam as the cause of their wounds, or the extremists.

    • Obviously the victims of the 9/11 attack feel differently considering it was done in the name of islam and any mosque built near ground zero would be seen and used as a memorial/monument by muslim radicals to honour the hijackers and inspire them to commit more acts of cowardly terrorism against innocent civilians.

  • A myriad of thoughts & emotions contributing cannot all be fully explored.
    For the simple minded, consider the old West's "the only good Indian is a dead Indian"
    For the higher evolved, it's more like... the true Islam intellectuals are NOT successfully policing their extremists, thus hate leaks out, even bursts out w/o consequences within that community of beliefs.
    Jesus teaches to forgive 7x70 times and perhaps in time many can. Somethings cut so deep and sting so long, it takes time to heal, e. g. Pearl Harbor, etc.

    Think: some group just killed the most important & loved person in your life and now wants to establish a huge presence within a stone's throw of that grave, often frequented by all who feels that loss... what is your thought process? There's other places available to them, even better ones... so...

    • "some group just killed the most important & loved person in your life" Are you saying that all Muslims represent the extremists of 9/11 ? A mosque does not glorify extremists, its a place of worship for Muslims. How is that offensive if the extremists killed the loved ones? it wasn't Islam's fault it was the extremists, so why are people offended by other muslims?

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    • Think of the extremists as bad children doing outlaw things and this family that can't control them want to move next door. We had a family like that. Glad they had to move to get that kid into a program...
      Muslims that don't control their bad kids, police their outlaws become suspect to all outsiders.

      That said, all religions have bad kids that rewrite the scriptures to their own gain or frustrations or self entitlement or just rich/powerful jaded. It's up to all religions to contain and rectify anti-love behavior, else be branded as a bad neighbor whose household could possible disturb the peace & love of the community.

      Now try to focus away from this mosque problem that's eating you and find other religions treated same way across the globe. You'll find plenty.

    • Im afraid tomboys right. If the families of the 9/11 dont want it then muslims should leave it at that.

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  • Freedom of religion means that the government should not interfere with your exercise of religion. It does not mean that private citizens are not entitled to have opinions or to express their opinions. 9/11 was not executed by extremist Muslims, it was executed by fundamentalist Muslims. Moderate Muslims have done very little to distance themselves from the fundamentalists or to try to counteract them. Therefore, many people (including me) believe that they should share in the shame for the actions of the fundamentalists. Don't you think that if some group of crazy Jews intentionally killed innocent Syrian children, Mr. Netanyahu would immediately denounce them?

    • Only someone extreme would fly an airplane full of innocent people in a building. Just like shooting in Charleston.

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    • If every organized ideology has its extremists that kill innocent people in the name of religion. . . tell me about fundamentalist Lutherans and who they have killed. Tell me about those dangerous Buddhists.

    • @OlderAndWiser
      Concerning Christians: G-W Bush is one. T. Blair is one too.
      Concerning Buddhists: they persecute Muslims in Myanmar and did so in Sri Lanka.

  • Because people want freedom for their own beliefs but not for anyone else's. This is why theocracies are never free countries. One belief will always take priority over others because the believers of that religion think it's their duty to convert everyone else even through political means. This is why religion in government is so terrifying to me.

    I for one welcome more Muslims in America. We need more diversity and balancing politically.

  • I'm not touching this with a 7 foot pole not even a 9 foot pole how about a dance pole *party music* no not even that, you say it's disrespectful you are being disrespectful to all the Muslims who aren't extremism like my man Mummad Ali, if you say it should be okay it's disrespectful to all the people who died that day this is a question there is no right way to answer without pissing someone off me not answering is probably going to piss someone off

    • Actually there were Muslims who died in 9 /11 too

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    • Family's in it the same way not all people think it's okay to do such things no matter what your relgion is if you even believe in anything this could go on forever at the end of the day nothing will really change how some feel

    • First of thanks for the polite and reasonable talking I really appreciate it and yes every relgion has extremists and it's wrong they r wrong not the relgion is wrong I don't know but if I ever met u in a Muslim country u really would things that r amazing we don't kill we don't order killing and if we All kill how the hell 1 miliar Muslims and no one of them thinks it's wrong it can't be

  • I really hope that one day, people will realize the difference between what a religion teaches and a group of people who claim to be followers of that religion do.

  • 9/11 wasn't carried out by Muslim extermists, but rather a man who despised America: Osama bin laden. One could argue wether he was Muslim, but he didn't carry out his motives for the sake of religion

  • its kind of a slap to the face

  • I never heard of ground zero mosque but u agree with u on the rest

  • Don't most Muslim countries throw Christians out on the regular? ... like they aren't able to put up a Christian church anywhere in the entire country?

    • Bullshit never happens exept in some parts in Saudi Arabia coz u know kabaa and the muslim practice relgion stuff so there's no place for it

    • Hmm... My mistake @omar5881

    • No problem :DD

  • Some people just need something to hate. And I don't mean the families of victims.