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Do u have any insight on this crazy situation?

A co worker used to sexually harass (or assault) me At Work. He's Hot. I was confused. I found out he wasn't doing it to anyone else but me. Always sneaking up behind me when he did things.
I was /am celibate. This was the most sexual contact I had in years. It would excite me to the point I masterbated when I got home.
But after a while I made a big deal about him stopping. He has a significant other, etc. And I was trying to be celibate.
He tapered off then eventually stopped. Then started on others which makes me jealous. Crazy, I know...
I have a significant other (long distance) in my life Now, but still have sexual feelings for the coworker. Its bothering me now. I've tried to let thing go that he did. But u remember them like yesterday.
Sometime I hang with him and Hope thing would happen. They didn't. But he still gets me excited.
I recently deleted him from facebook cause I check up on him too much. I didn't tell him y I did it.
It has help, but we still work together and still hang some. So not completely out of mind. Any helpful thoughts or suggestions will be appreciated.

Do u have any insight on this crazy situation?
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