Do u have any insight on this crazy situation?

A co worker used to sexually harass (or assault) me At Work. He's Hot. I was confused. I found out he wasn't doing it to anyone else but me. Always sneaking up behind me when he did things.
I was /am celibate. This was the most sexual contact I had in years. It would excite me to the point I masterbated when I got home.
But after a while I made a big deal about him stopping. He has a significant other, etc. And I was trying to be celibate.
He tapered off then eventually stopped. Then started on others which makes me jealous. Crazy, I know...
I have a significant other (long distance) in my life Now, but still have sexual feelings for the coworker. Its bothering me now. I've tried to let thing go that he did. But u remember them like yesterday.
Sometime I hang with him and Hope thing would happen. They didn't. But he still gets me excited.
I recently deleted him from facebook cause I check up on him too much. I didn't tell him y I did it.
It has help, but we still work together and still hang some. So not completely out of mind. Any helpful thoughts or suggestions will be appreciated.


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  • If someone plans to write a novel with this , i can't wait to place an order.


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  • I've never seen the words "sexual assault" use in a positive manner.
    An assault is never good and allows one to feel victimized.
    Perhaps, different word usage would benefit this post since you enjoyed his actions.
    I think you crave for sexual attention since it's what you are not getting.
    Are you sure you want to be in a long distance relationship?
    Why do you want to be celibate?
    This is hard for you because you are fighting natural urges.
    I think it's healthy for you to keep him out of your life and stop checking up on him.
    Remember although you enjoy the attention giving in would go against your morals.
    He also does this to various women.
    He is in a relationship and has no respect for his girlfriend/wife.
    You are worthy of much more.

    • When the negatives outweigh the good it's time to look elsewhere

    • I am celibate because of religious beliefs

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  • Ok, flirting and slightly touching at work is not sexual harrassment on him (specially since you enjoy it), is just inappropiate from both of you and can get you into trouble depending on the company's policies. Now, are you committed in this LTR with your guy or not? Plus, that guy from work also is in a relationship isn't he? All in all it doesn't sound like a good idea but I think you need to revalue your priorities at this point.

    • Well opening my Ass cheeks when I had no idea he was behind me and telling him to stop and he wouldn't isn't Just flirting.

  • When you have sex it will stop, but good sex not 30 seconds in bed

  • Why not just have 'sometime' with this person? Its apparent you dig each other...

  • It wasn't sexual harassment, first off.

    Second, if you want something with him, you need to step up to the plate and make something happen. The whole thing has gone down the way it has because you are afraid of being sexually and romantically vulnerable.

    Drop the fake long distance relationship and start flirting with the guy you're actually attracted to.

    • My relationship is not fake.

    • It's long distance. It's fake.

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  • Be the perpetrator and harass him instead.

  • I don't know of anyway to make the feelings go away besides fucking him, tbh.

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