I am embarrassed, should I be?

I started working a week ago. At my work there are cameras. I have see so much back crack at work already, it is unbelievable.. I wear shorts under my uniform because I work around water. I take them off before I leave. I had to pull them up like crazy the first few days.. I had lost my string to the shorts XD. Should I care? I pulled them up like crazy.

I should of said butt crack, not back crack. Some of them sit and you can see over half of their crack. I really don't want to see it.. I was upset enough about having to pull up my shorts under my uniform pants.


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  • Do you mean butt crack from everyone also doing that?

    • I think they did.

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    • We are all girls, but we have camera around XD

    • It's no big deal don't worry about it even with the cameras, they are only looking for people stealing , they aren't looking and saying what's up with all this crack going on here, lol

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  • Trust me no one cares.
    They have more important things to worry about other than who hiked their shorts up or whose butt crack is showing.
    You are thinking far too much into this.