Why do many people call themselves Christians when they don't follow Christianity?

Before I start I would just like to say I don't mean to offend or judge anyone, I'm simply asking a question. I understand you can be Christian at heart. I know both religious and non religious Christians.

I'm not necessarily referring to non-religious Christians but more to Athiest/Agnostics that call themselves Christians. Who are "culturally Christians".

Of these people, some say they don't know if God exists, drink, have sex before marriage, don't attend church etc.
I also don't understand why they Celebrate Christmas? Well, the Commercial consumerist version.

I don't understand why these people call themselves Christians? I think it knd of waters down Christianity and confuses a lot of people. And makes some sins seem acceptable.

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  • I'm a Christian, but not in the typical sense if the word. I have accepted Jesus Christ as my savior, and I use what was taught to me in the bible as moral guidelines. However, I've had sex before marriage and will continue to do so. The bible was written at a different time and marriage is no longer a valid option legally. I drink, I don't go to church, I have stolen in the past. I do all these things the bible tells us not to, but I still believe in god, in prophets and angels. I may not be the best Christian strictly speaking, but those are the beliefs and ideals that I believe in, whether not I'm good about following them.

    • Ah yes but you believe in Jesus and the bible. You sin but know its against the teachings.
      We're not perfect.
      The people I mean don't believe in it.

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  • I'm a Christian because I believe that Christ lives within me and I'm a follower of Him. Not every Christian is on the same level with God but they do have 1 thing in common, they believe in the deity (God AND Jesus AND the Holy Spirit) and John 3:16. They are not all 1 person, they are 3. The bible says you can know who is a Christian by the love a Christian has for others. John 13:34-35. And you can tell who the non Christians are because they are without God 2 John 9

    So, it's not about following Christianity, it's about following God. Loving God and obeying Him.


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  • What is Christianity? As far as I can see there is the Jesus of the gospels who didn't say anything about sex before marriage or attending church or a hundred other things many Christians think of as Christian and there is a lot of stuff grafted onto the simple message of 'love one another as you love yourselves' which has nothing to do with Jesus.

  • There is a lot of false Christianity due to false teachers. It is all explained in the Bible.

  • Any one can Claim there a Christian but the real Christians follow god/Jesus