Do you think im expecting too much from guys I date?

so i noticed i get easly turned off by guys im dating.. so im wondering if there is anyting on my list that might be a bit too much/ having too hight expectations towards guys

Things that are turn offs:

- smoking
-eating junkfood and/ord drinks soft drinks on a regular basis
- not in a good physcial shape (doesnt work out)
- mix signals
- texts while driving
- doesn't have any ambitions regarding getting a well paid job (because i am, so i kinda expect the guy to do so too) or doesn't have a job
- is a dog person/has a dog
- religious
- looks at my boobs in a non sexual context
- doesn't have a car (it depends on the age.. i dont expect a 20 year old to have a car , but if your older then 20 its kinda a turnoff )
- drinks a lot, meaning going out every weekend to drink
- shows too much interest or too little interest
- is broke all the time (linked to not having a job)
-swears a lot, and uses male and female genitelias as swear words
- is too "main stream"/ doing things simply because "everyone else" is doing it
- has slept with a lot of women, i dont want a virgin, but a guy that has had 10 one night stands iisnt my ideal

Its only smoking, being religious are deal breakers.. but if a guy does more then 2-3 of things i listed i stop being attracted to them


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  • If it's only smoking and being religious that are deal breakers then you're fine. I think that more 2-3 things being deal breakers are fine too since your list is long.


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  • They dont seem to care about u are anything... amd they seem to have a lot of growing up to do... so ur definetly not expecting too much.. these guys sound like crap... no offense... u deserve some better then them


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