True or false: not so great looking white guys can get HOT girls from other races?

my white coworker seems to think that nerdy or unattractive white guys can get decent looking girls from orher races because they view us as easier to get. Is this true?

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  • sometimes, I have noticed a few couples like that
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  • Sometimes, but that probably wouldn't be because he's white, it'd be because they thought he was cute or liked his personality.


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What Girls Said 2

  • I like white guys that would be considered less attractive by some, not because I find them "easier to get," but because I like them as a person and I like their personality. I would do the same thing with any other race of guys. I guess some girls are like that, but I'm not.

  • Well most white people think anybody who isn't white or Asian is ugly. Plenty of gorgeous men and woman ask for ratings and when they aren't white - they never get higher than a 4 or 6. So maybe as a chinese person, my definition of a hot white guy is different from how a white person perceives hotness in his fellow white counter parts? For example I think Zac Efron looks like trash - one of the ugliest men out there - while I think Tom Cruise is hot. Is that how white men and woman perceive hotness and ugliness?

    • I dont know im a straigjt guy. But i have 2 female friends who said cute Asian girls will happily take the ugly white huys

    • **straight

    • And you're wrong. I love middle Eastern women, latinas and some blacks. I actually don't like Asians

What Guys Said 2

  • Yes. It is true. They find our blonde hair, light skin, and colored eyes exotic.

    • in my opinion, not entirely true for some. Latinas born here and African Americans usually don't go for us but if either iis foreign born then they're more interested.

    • Well in their own countries where everyone is tan or brown with black hair and brown eyes, someone like us would be exotic. Here in America and other Western countries we are nothing special. It's kind of like how Asian women are so desired here in the West but over in Asia they're just the norm.

    • I'm not into Asians but I see your point.

  • Well it happened to me but I have a really, really, really great personality