WHAT IS JUST?: You hear a husky Hispanic male yelling at his roommate next door. A nice elderly man. Several days later the elderly man is?

... hospitalize for brain surgery. Then several weeks later the abusive young male brags about choking his roommate on top of all this in the cafeteria to others. The abuser goes on to bragging how humble he is also. It is disturbing and disgusting. You take a stand and show him your righteous anger. You tell others about it (friends and security) but no one is taking it seriously at the level and timeliness it needs to be address. What should one do? What would be a just way to handle this guy before he hurts you (he is in rage because your slowly cornering his unrestrained actions) or someone else? Or do you let God handle it? The abuser has also stated he is on probation.


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  • Can't you call the police? You have reason to believe there was violence going on next door and you're concerned about your own safety now.

    • We have a lot of security at the place. At the time, I trusted them to handle it properly and timely. So far, I have only emailed law enforcement of the case.

    • Having security doesn't cut it, you have to actually go to the police department or call them. Email does nothing. Emailing the police out of all the other crap they get from outside their firewall isn't officially making a complaint or informing them of your concerns. Follow it or not, you know your safety situation, but my advice is go down there so you don't have cops coming to your door to talk to you. Make sure you tell them that your privacy about the matter is the utmost importance, so if they need to talk to you, to call.

  • Get a gun and hire somebody to kill him.


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