Most women my age look older?

im 29 and mainly attracted to younger girls...
most woman my age look 10 years older than me...
i desire the juvenile look and not older women that can't take care of their figures anymore...


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  • I'm definitely not one of them lol.
    I have a nice figure, dress trendy.

    I've noticed it too (even on the men's part)

    • And also you're dating women for looks. Do you realize those looks fade eventually? Then you'll be getting the next young girl. It would almost be like recycling.

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    • but not taking care of themselves is part of their personalities?

    • A very small part. That isn't even a substantial part of a relationship.

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  • By younger girls you mean how much younger than you?
    I wish more guys around your age group where attracted to younger girls because I like older guys.

    • A lot of guys are attracted to younger girls but realistically if you were to date someone like him.
      When you reach say...24/25 he's going to throw u away for a hot 18 year old with his mentality.
      You'll expire in his eyes eventually.

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    • Well the good thing is... age doesn't define how great u look.
      I'm 29 and have a way better body than a lot of women in general.
      You just have to take care of yourself and not let yourself go.
      Also if a man throws u away like trash , he never loved u in the first place.

  • No its because you're a pedophile. Pedobears new bff


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  • okay so what's your question exactly?

    • why woman my age look older most times?

    • well a lot of them don't take care of themselves, and so the things they use to do to look decent, they stop doing them