Do you think the reason why a lot of non-whites outside of the US or Non-European countries immigrate to the US and EU because they couldn't?

tolerate their own race/ethnic group or tribes (Self-Hatred of their kind)?

According to some White-Americans that I've ran into on one social website, they've told me that the reason why a lot of Asians, Africans and Arabic people immigrate to the US and many Western European countries because of the self-hatred of their own race along with not tolerating with staying with their own kind in their country of origin.

I honestly thought that was kind of a stupid theory since it's more than likely that these people emigrated from their country because of persecution of religious or political beliefs. Besides, White Europeans aren't any better in the factor of not tolerating with staying with their own race in their own country or continent either. Just look at how the Irishes and the Britishes didn't tolerate each other back then or right now with the Russia-Ukraine Conflict.

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  • How about better opportunities in the West than in their home country?

    • Exactly. My parents were originally from Mexico and the reason why they immigrated to the US because there were much more job and career opportunities for the whole family than there was in Mexico, not because they hated their own kind or their country of origin. Mexico may not be as bad as the Middle East since Mexican citizens legally still have a lot of freedoms in their constitution (Free speech, expression, etc.) but they still have poverty problems along with the Drug Cartel problems.

    • @Asker It's the same with Middle Eastern countries. I personally know some people from Iraq that moved to Canada because it is safer and there are better job opportunities.

    • Well, I don't have to much knowledge about how exactly life in the Middle East is like (other than what I've heard from the Western media). I do, however, have traveled to Mexico for more than a thousand times for family visits. The part in Mexico where my family members live are mostly safe, just not anywhere near as fancy-looking or clean as the US or Canada. While the Drug Cartels are a problem in Mexico, for most part, most of them are mainly after rival Cartel members, people who didn't pay them the money they owe them for their drugs or people who threaten their drug business.

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  • Fun fact: those Ukrainian nazis that were (unfortunately) lucky enough not to come back home in the box after trying to invade former territories of Ukraine that are now Donetsk and Lugansk Republics, now move to Russia seeking jobs (and try to hide their former activities).

    So there's a lot of truth about self-loathing syndrome. For immigrants, especially from Middle East: they arrive either because USA managed to set their ant's nest on fire (which is a smart strategic move for USA to cripple EU) and turn new lands into shit, or just arrive to EU and for an unknown reason try to turn the new place into shithole they got out of.

    Same goes for whites in Europe: they gladly accept barbarians that will turn on them as soon as they'll outbreed local folks, and yet call themselves "anti-racist".

  • They go to exploit a government that favors immigrants over their own people, you can't blame them for that because if it's there then they'll take it. Be born there and pay taxes all your life: freeze to death in your home because you can't afford the heating. Show up illegally off the boat from Somalia: step this way we have a warm place for you to stay and free healthcare for your 10 children.

    • What a load of smoking bullshit. Have you EVER been to one of those places where they put the immigrants who come over the sea from Somalia or other African countries? These people have to live in tiny, dirty barracks. They share their bedroom with 6-8 strangers and they share the kitchen with 40 or 50 other people. The kids don't have any toys, their parents don't have any money, nobody has any privacy whatsoever and all these people have practically no personal possessions, such as photos of loved ones. In many European countries, the immigrants can't even leave their barracks because they don't have any money and because the police hunts them down and escorts them back to their barracks for fear that they might steal (duh! If you don't give them money!). These people live in prisons without walls. Sometimes they have to stay there for up to 3 years! You know how much pocket money those people get in my country? SEVEN Franks. That's an equivalent of 8 dollars or about 6 Euros. Have

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    • Like it or not the world consists of countries and borders and societies. You can't just pitch up illegally and expect a hand out, that's the smoking bullshit. The EU has a massive problem with people fleeing hell holes, I don't blame them for that, but I don't want to pay for them if I'm brutally honest. The problem is the numbers, when would it stop if you went full liberal on the issue, the west would be overcrowded, broke and fucked.. it already is!

    • Swizzy is a microcosm of idealism and it's a piss-poor litmus test tbh.