Im bored, lets play little game?

ok, so this is how its going to work, we are going to write 2 stories, one written by the girls, and one written by the guys (guys can only continue the guy story, and girls can only continue the girl story. i want to see what the differences between the 2 genders are) You can only write a maximum of 5 words and you must continue on from the poster above you. Dont reply to the original poster but rather make a new post. this leave replies open for discussion/banter etc.

I won't start the stories, i'll leave that up to you guys but as an example, this is how it should work.

poster a
john went on a journey

poster b
to pick up a toaster

poster c
from a very old man

etc etc.

as a result, we should have 2 stories going on at the same time. So, post away


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  • her ex & her crush talking

  • But what she found was..

  • club to get tipsy


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