Did my professors talk about me?

SO I was in this class and kind of handled a presentation really badly, (meaning tried to dominate others).

Anyways, then when I asked this question in front of everyone, I can bet MONEY, I'm not even kidding, that this other professor was trying to provoke me/laughing at me. I think she felt I was trying to dominate again.

Did they talk about me? I know they do talk to each other a lot, so I wouldn't be surprised.

I find it disturbing that a prof would actually do that. In front of everyone no less. I mean how could she do that?


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  • Oh hell yeah. We talk about you all the time. Usually not when you're around, though. We compare notes, to see how you're doing and try to figure out why you're doing good in one class and not another. But at the end of the day, your success is our success, so it's in our best interest to make sure you succeed. We really do care about you, you just frustrate us sometimes.

    • You're sarcastic right?

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    • Indeed, I'm a witness to that:
      My wife has HS pupils
      My son has HS pupils
      My daughter in law has HS pupils
      My son's ex has college students
      My mother had them
      My grandmother had them too.

      They ALL talk, indeed.
      And when students work below par it's frustrating.

    • Partially. We really are concerned with your success. And we do talk with each other; if you're doing good in one class and not another, we like to know why. If it's something we're doing, we want to be able to change it so you get the best education you can. I know I'd like to be told if I'm doing something wrong. You're the boss - you're paying my salary, so you get a say in how things work. I may have the knowledge, but if you're not getting it, then let me know! I'll do my best to change it so that you do. I was successful in my career before I became a professor to teach it, and I honestly want the same for you. Not all professors are like me, though.

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  • Why did you dominate the conversation? Maybe he was trying to set up standards for his classroom.

    • No it was my presentation and I was getting graded. The other professor was not teaching, (the one who laughed out loud), she was just an audience member at an event.

      Honestly, I felt like she was doing it to try to make me feel stupid. I think the both of them think I'm arrogant for being really smart or something along those lines.