Hello. Could you please read and answer my question about education?

I'm studying mechatronic engineering. I can say i haven't learnt anything at the school. The education was not really good. Some teachers just read from slides, pass. So i couldnt focus on lessons, and i missed all my dreams. I wanted to be really good engineer.
I went to do my internship at a company 30 weekdays. I couldnt learn anything in there either.
I was too willing to be good one in my job. Anyways after the first year at school, i looked for a job for the summer to work for no money. Yes, i wanted to work free of charge. But noone accepted me. Now its my last year to graduate. And i couldnt improve myself:(
Do you think i should do bachelor at another university again, or i just should do master degree?


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  • Try a Master's first. If you can't get anything that way, try another bachelors.

    • To try another bachelor wouldn't be just waste of time, i am 24 years old. If i try anothe bachelor, i'll be about 29-30 years old when i graduate. I will be engineer. Who could give a job to 30 year old man that has no work exprience. People would like younger ones to educate them.:/

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    • Yes, people should always prepare all that surprises. But if i do my best, i believe i won't have any problem whether in America or whereelse

    • people always should get prepared*

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