How can you tell if a guy is determining whether you're worth getting to know or not?

Is there a way to tell?


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  • If he texts you first, sends random hellos in the morning etc. You sound pretty young.

    • I'm 22.

      That's a year younger than you.

      And no guy has ever texted me with the intention to date

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    • No I don't. But I'm mad that he may not like me because everyone likes me

    • You didn't answer my question.

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  • Hmm.. I would assume he would spend time with you and put some effort into communication.

    I can't say he'd bombard you with questions because the guy I'm dating doesn't do that to me. He's patient and pays attention when I open up to him about things- and he shows he cares by remembering what I say.


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  • The questions he asks and the conversation he carries with you. If they are personal, about beliefs, what you like, and such then he is most likely trying to get to know you


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