Anyone know any funny jokes?


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  • I do!
    knock knock

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    • Fine. There are three adventurers exploring the rainforest. Suddenly a wild tribe circles them and takes them captive. They are brought to the tribe leader and he tells them to live they must go to the forest and bring back with them 10 pieces of the same fruit/vegetable/berry. So they go out to the forest and the first one comes back with 10 apples. The leader tells him if we stick all the apples up your ass without you making any facial expression you'll be free to go. They shove one up there just fine, while they're shoving the second one he grunts so they kill him. The second guy comes back with 10 blueberries. So they start shoving them up his ass and on the 8th one he starts laughing so they kill him as well. He now goes to heaven and sees his buddy who brought the apples. His buddy tells him "why would you laugh? Blueberries are easy, you could have lived?". To which the guy replied "I saw the other guy coming back with 10 pineapples"

    • Tom hanks tells that knock knock joke in "Catch me if you can". It's funny the way he tells it.

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  • Nope but I'm sure google has some


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