I am joining the army three years from now would I have time to build muscles so they can accept me?

And how many times should I work out a week thanks


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  • You have time. But you actually just need to build strength. If you can pass a PT test you'll be fine.


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  • If you can't get in shape in three years' time, then I don't know how to help you.

    • Lol I was just asking

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  • I'd be a cop, at least you'll be keeping a community safe rather than lining the pockets of corporations..

  • Why join the army when you could sign up to become a Monaco policeman. They carry swords. And it would be a great place to meet hot super wealthy chicks...

    • Nah dude I wanna go to the special forces my whole family is from the military

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    • Umm I think you posted this on the wrong opinion. However I'm a backcountry camper and I work out around three rims a week. But I also bike to work almost everyday. Anything is better than nothing.

    • Ooh okie thanks

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