How do you know if you missed your period when you don't keep tract, possibly pregnant?

I know I had sex on the 12th of June , then a few days later I had my period on the 17th. It's not July (obviously lol) and lately for about a month now I been noticing my back has been in pain, I'm bloated everyday, I burp constantly, headaches every day (very painful sometimes), I have to take my afternoon naps lately or I'll be very cranky! Haha but please help me out :( is it possible that I might be pregnant? My period usually lasts for 7 days. And I still haven't got it! And no I didn't use protection what so ever


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  • You should really see a gynecologist.

    • I really can't

    • It should be free for you to see a gynecologist for a yearly checkup and for any birth control concerns.

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