For 5 grams each of of Californium, Taaffeite, Painite , colorless flawless diamonds, Would you?

To see how much they're worth, look here

I. Drink a 30 oz cup of bleach mixed with gasoline
II. Let 2 martial artist experts beat you with chain whips at full contact for 25 minutes
III. Inject heroin and smoke krokodil for a year.
IV. Let someone blow torch you naked for 3 seconds

Too touchy for GaG I guess.


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  • 1. You would die
    2. You would die
    3. You would die
    4. You might die or be severely deformed

    Either way, none of those is worth around $112 million or any money really. What good is money if you're dead or if you're so deformed that you would be severly ostracised from society?

    • If you get to the ER in time enough , you could possibly survive 1or2

    • lol no, you would be extremely "lucky" if you did. The bleach and gasoline will not only completely destroy your intestines so that you would basically be left with intestines so short (after major surgery) that you would have to constantly be eating and relieving yourself, but it will also completely destroy your lungs in that you would need a lung transplant asap... too bad there are year long waiting lists for those. Being beaten up for 25 min will cause excessive internal bleeding and hemorrhage which will put you into shock and cause death before the beating is even over. I'm a med student :)

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  • Eh, all options sound unappealing to me and could very well kill me. I'll stick to the occasional mushroom trip and weekly weedkent break. Thanks.

    • You could possibly survive 1 if you get medical attention right away.

    • True but it would still be quite the risk. Sure I'd like to be rich and all but I'd be very afraid to compromise my health for it.

  • Pretty sure this would kill you.

    • Which one would?

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    • If you get to the hospital in time enough, you could possibly survive 1

    • I highly doubt someone who possess these kinds of jewels and is doing these sorts of things to you, would get you to a hospital.